“They are amazing, seriously we have all the feelings reliving the best day ever with everyone we love. You knocked it out of the park. So many special moments captured and we are so thankful!”


It doesn’t come as a surprise why Jonny and Lauren chose the unique Mount Druid Alternative Wedding venue in Westmeath, Ireland as the setting for their big day. Full of character, the venue matched their personalities perfectly.

Jonny and Lauren curated their day with little details that reflected their creative style. Donut mavericks and espresso slingers Guilt Trip Belfast came down to supply some coffee from London’s Assembly Roasters.

It was an absolute honour to hang out with my good pals Jonny and Lauren and capture all their moments and details. I love it when a couple decide to do things their way, put their stamp on things and it’s a joy to be able to be part of that!